Supplementary Cards

WHS has changed the guidance on what was previously called Supplementary Cards, now referred to as General Play scores.   
 For a player to maintain an up to date Scoring record, competing in regular qualifying competitions throughout the year is usually sufficient. 

 However, WHS encourages players to submit scorecards from "social" rounds (General Play) at any time to maintain their scoring record. 
Players must adhere to the following conditions. Acceptable scores are authenticated scores played under Competition Conditions, over an 18-hole Measured Course as Stroke Play or Stableford or over a designated Nine-Hole Course. Full Course handicap is applicable.

A player intending to return a Score is MUST register his/her intention before the commencement of play by notifying the Pro-Shop or signing the  Record Book. Scorecards from players that have not registered before the start of a round are not valid and will not be used to adjust a player's scoring record. The exception is a scorecard returned by a player for initial handicap allocation. 
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Following the Government’s announcement the course and clubhouse are closed. We will keep you updated on the situation regarding golf course closures as and when we hear anything from England Golf. For more information please contact Golf Services on
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