England Golf Directive – General Play Score

Directive issued by England Golf, November 2021. 

We are making a change to the way general play scores are administered, and we need to make you aware of this change.From 29 November, any general play scores that are pre-registered by the MyEG app or by golf club software that are not returned within an acceptable period will be designated as a penalty score within your handicap record.

It is your responsibility to ensure any scores that are pre-registered are returned as soon as possible to avoid being designated as a penalty score. 

Should you have any issues submitting your score or have a reason why the score cannot be submitted, you should speak to your club.

As part of this new process, should your score not be submitted you will receive a reminder email (service email) asking you to complete the process.

If you do not act, an automated penalty score will be applied to your handicap record, which could adjust your handicap index upwards or downwards. 

The application of automatically applied penalty scores can be reviewed by your club, however changes will only be made at the discretion of the handicap committee.

• As well as following the Rules of Golf, as a player you are expected to act with integrity by following the Rules of Handicapping and to refrain from using or circumventing the Rules of Handicapping for the purposes of gaining an unfair advantage.  

• You are expected, when returning a score for handicap purposes, to have pre-registered that score intent as a general play score prior to play or ensured that you have entered any competition in the required manner. 

 • When retuning a score, you are expected to complete the round and attempt to make the best score possible at each hole. 

• You should submit any pre-registered rounds or competition scores as soon as possible after the completion of play.  

• You should ensure that all rounds for handicap purposes follow the Rules of Golf and are played from a measured course. 

• You should ensure that you certify any scores submission you have witnessed as soon as possible.

Please note, the My EG app can only be used for submission of general play scores.

Remote Score Input


The MyEG app from England Golf lets golfers input General Play scores from any course in England remotely using their smart phone or other similar device. To find out more and how to get the App click on the link below. 

To input scores for Club Competitions use ClubV1 see below.

Remote Score Input

Club V1

Players can now register rounds and input scores for Club Competitions and General Play scores to add to their handicap record with Club V1. 

Open the Club V1 App on you device. In Dashboard select Live option in Today's Golf. Follow the onscreen instructions. Remember you'll need to sign-in and create your online scorecard before you play. If you don't your score won't count. 

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